Mobscripts.com is a leading provider of scripts and tools for Myspace Mobsters by Playdom. We are a privately held business based in Pennsylvania. Mobscripts was founded in 2010 by Maurice S, who has been playing the game since day 2 of mobsters, and has grown to include over 3000 customers through only referral and word of mouth advertising.

We offer a complete product line, customs scripts, Energy Script, Anti-Spam, Transfer Script, e-commerce tools and more. We also provide PHP Lessons and private tutoring sessions to those who wish to learn more about how our scripts and tools work.

Mobscripts other sites also includes Warsheet.com an automated spreadsheet generator. We also introduced the original “Mass Murder Tool” which allows you to kill all targets with one click of a button.

As a technology and product innovator, Mobscripts is able to provide its customers and 1000 active clients and subscriptions with innovative products and services. Mobscripts serves customers ranging from the average player to website owners and designers.

We develop our scripts in-house, and do not outsource our support operations. When you request support you will most likely get a direct response from the owner and creator of the scripts. This enables us to provide better support and ensure the most advanced and competitively-priced products and services available today.

Mobscripts is widely recognized for its success. We has become the leading and most trusted choice for Mobsters Scripts by providing innovative, competitively-priced products, delivering the highest quality customer service, and by always appreciating and listening to its customers!